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Australia Joins Elite Line-up at NYC Sevens

Introducing Australia
Australia Joins Elite Line-up at NYC Sevens

The excitement around NYC Sevens continues today as Australia is officially introduced to the line-up. Set to take place at Red Bull Arena on July 15th; the tournament is shaping up to become a fierce battleground for the best Rugby Sevens teams on the planet.

Australia is the fourth team to be welcomed to NYC Sevens, joining USA, Ireland, and Kenya. The latest addition is bound to excite fans worldwide, as they bring their exceptional skills and determination to the competition.

Australia Head Coach, John Manenti said, “It's with great excitement that the Australian Men's 7s team head to New York City to be part of the first Million Dollar 7s tournament. A great city, a great venue & the best teams in the world will make for some fantastic rugby & entertainment for all sports lovers. The fact the prize pool is to be shared with the players is just a further incentive to perform - we can't wait to get to NY”

For those new to Rugby Sevens, let us introduce you to the Australian team. Renowned for their rich rugby heritage and unwavering passion, the Australian players are true titans of the sport. With their lightning-fast speed, impeccable ball-handling abilities, and tactical brilliance, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Led by captain Nick Malouf, the Australian team is known for their relentless pursuit of victory. They have consistently proved their mettle against the best teams in the world, and fans can expect the squad to unleash their full potential when they aim to secure their share of the massive $1 Million prize pool.

With Australia added, the stage is set for an enthralling display of skill, passion, and international camaraderie, so head over to Ticketmaster now and secure your place.


Join 25,000 fans at Red Bull Arena on July 15 for a fantastic day of rugby sevens action.